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E-Seniors Association

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DescriptionE-Seniors is a French PME, created in 2005 and based in Paris. E-Seniors aims at fighting e-exclusion by providing access to and training in ICT to seniors and/or disabled people. Its main objectives are: - Bridging the digital gap between generations, - Encouraging seniors’ participation and involvement, - Opening new horizons for efficient use of free time. - Through its work for elderly people and with them the organization also tries to increase awareness about the importance of ICT solutions in everyday life. E-Seniors also proposes interactive gaming activities in residences for elders, retirement homes and day-care centres. E-Seniors has experience in projects related to ICT-tools designed for seniors and for active and healthy ageing (type H2020, ICT-PSP, AAL, Erasmus+, COSME etc). In addition, ESE is a member of the French node in the EIT Health KIC, a European consortium operating in the framework of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), that has the mission to promote entrepreneurship and develop innovations in healthy living and active ageing. E-Seniors, as an “end-user group” representative, can have a specific role with deep implication during the whole project. 1) Identifying target user groups 2) Analyzing user needs, acceptance and requirements: usability and accessibility problems 3) Advice and guidance about characteristics of tests in regard to users and project objectives 4) Designing: scenarios and usage definitions E-Seniors is also reponsible for the testing phase in the projects: 1) Setting up user groups: interview/filtering 2) Carrying out tests: Validating pilot application and prototype interfaces and issuing recommendations with regards to specific approaches more adapted to a senior public 3) Gathering conclusions from users feedback in order to make recommendations improving product design During the whole project (together with all partners): 1) Addressing ethical Issues: informing and monitoring – together with other user groups (if exist) 2) Disseminating information about the project(s)
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Areas of Activities

ICT services and products

    ICT in R&D


      ICT expertise in innovative solutions for the elderly

      We would be glad to become a part of the Consortia in the ICT projects in the area of health, active & healthy ageing, elderly.

      Keywords: elderlyICT projectend-user_partnerHealthy&Active_Ageing
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Technical co-operation

      Pilot tests to validate new technologies for active and healthy ageing

      We propose our expertise as an end-user partner in carrying out the pilot phase in the project; running user requirements and gathering users needs and feedback; validation new technologies for active and healthy ageing and independent and autonomous lifestyle.

      Keywords: pilotsend-user_partnerhealthhealthy&active_ageing
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Outsourcing co-operation
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