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DescriptionE-seniors is a French organisation with several years experience in the field of e-Inclusion, ICT training courses and active aging. E-senios activities are divided in two categories: ICT courses for seniors and disabled people and european projects. These two aspects are complementary since our courses permit us to be on the field and close to seniors' every day life.
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Areas of Activities

ICT services and products


    ICT expertise in innovative solutions for the elderly

    Description: The ideal partner for E-Seniors is an organization experienced in the development of innovative solutions for the wellbeing of older people.
    The association would integrate the work of this kind of organizations by providing continuous feedback from the end-users in order to adapt the technology to the real needs of the elderly.

    Type of partner sought: We are looking for a strong academic, technical and industrial partner who is willing to coordinate a project proposal.

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    Pilot tests to validate new technologies for active and healthy ageing

    ​Since 7 years E-Seniors supports and runs pilot testing in real environment with end-users to validate new technologies for active and healthy ageing.

    During the validation phase, E-Seniors leads or is actively involved in the following tasks:
    - Setting up user groups: interview/filtering
    - Carrying out tests
    - Validating pilot application and prototype interfaces and issuing recommendations with regards to specific approaches more adapted to a senior public
    - Gathering conclusions from users' feedback in order to make recommandations improving the design of the product

    Expected Input for Potential partner: We are looking for coordinators, industrial and technical and academic partners.We are gladly be a part of the consortium as an end-user representative.

    Keywords: healthictpilotsusers representative
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