Marina Matijaš Kreso

Sales and marketing director
RIS d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11a.m. ‐ 1p.m.)
  • (1.30p.m. ‐ 3.30p.m.)
DescriptionA Croatian company, specialized in the design and development of business information systems to support general business processes and those made by special orders of clients, is looking for distributors for one of it's software solutions. This is a specialized e-procurement software solution, developed with the financial support of the World Bank and in cooperation with a one of the largest Croatian company, which is the regional leader in the production of food products and where the system was successfully implemented. It is a multilingual unique technology platform that standardizes and automates the entire procurement process. The company is looking for a partner who would obtain the exclusive right to distribute the software license, implement it and provide customer support services to end users.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1993
CityKastav, Pilepčić 10 Google map
Areas of Activities

Software and hardware companies

    ICT services and products