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DescriptionGO is a boutique software development and consulting company offering a complete range of services in the (digital) product development lifecycle. We work on developing fully functional web and mobile versions of our clients ideas. We also work on specific areas of product development, such as Product (Definition and) Design , UI/UX Design, Logotype design and branding, Quality Assurance, Front-End Development (HTML 5, CSS3 (Saas, Compass, Less), JavaScript (Angular, jQuery)) , Back-End Development, and provide specific deliverables for each of these services. We have experience in: --- Implementation of applications and providing solutions for various vertical domains, including marketing, telecommunications, governmental and non-governmental institutions --- Creating, and Delivering applications and solutions for various business types - from startups to big corporations --- Working on Projects with varying objectives, ranging from improving productivity to executing mission critical applications --- Designing, Developing and Deploying Solutions created to replace and/or integrate legacy systems into one system --- Successfully Completing Assignments spanning from medium sized solutions intended for one specific business area, to cross-functional, total solutions created to implement and support overall processes
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CityNew York, 523 E 78 St Google map
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