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DescriptionIrRADIARE was founded in 1995 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Lisbon. In a first phase, modeling, technology and optimization solutions were developed. Those predominantly serve energy intensive sectors. Subsequently, innovative systems opened new responses to diversified challenges. Urban management, energy costs reduction, process safety optimization, environment protection were among target sectors. Currently, integrated approaches are deployed to support new visions on sustainability, development, competiveness and quality of life. Project management capabilities emerged from more than 2 decades, nearly 30 international projects, 400 interventions, of IrRADIARE’s activity at local, regional, national or European level. Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, is one of the more motivating areas at IrRADIARE. Integrating renewable energy technologies reduces energy bills, frees resources for investment and favors entrepreneurial competitiveness. Expanding large scale renewable energy use, generates employment, promotes innovation and boosts local and regional development. For regional or governmental bodies, strategy consulting has been provided as well as, strategy, management and technology consulting and energy services namely as part of programmes aimed at unlocking local renewable energy markets potential. For industry, market and socio-economic analysis, funding advice strategy, corporate and management consultancy, auditing, communication and design, modeling, software technological consultancy services and dedicated modeling or software solutions are ready to support new projects implementation and innovative technology deployment. As far as intelligent energy management and smart systems is concerned, IrRADIARE’s energy management platform currently encompasses aproximatly 10000 buildings, 300000 street lights and 100M€/year of energy supply. Currently, IrRADIARE is involved in managing, planning, designing or engineering projects reaching far more than 400M€ of mobilized resources. These projects aim at reducing energy costs mainly by focusing on energy efficiency in public buildings and social housing, renewable generation of heating and power, efficient vehicles alternative fuels both involving public and private funding, namely energy service sources.
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